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La industria cinematográfica europea vuelve al trabajo

Un vistazo a las medidas puestas en marcha por los gobiernos europeos para volver a permitir rodajes, eventos y la exhibición en cines tras el golpe de la pandemia del COVID-19

A couple of months after the COVID-19 pandemic started to afflict Europe, forcing the countries' authorities to implement social confinement rules and therefore resulting in the shut-down of most of the industry and a slowdown in the economy, the first measures intended to allow activity to resume during the first phase of the lockdown-easing period are being put in place. After having suffered cancellations, postponements and the reorganisation of film festivals, markets and other events (see the news) owing to the measures being adopted by the governments, as well as the total closure of cinemas, the national film industries are now looking to the future, in their first step towards the so-called "new normal". Each country is now trying to find a way to resume film shoots, hold physical gatherings and events, and reopen cinemas.

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